For centuries, migration has shaped Europe and has been a common feature of European societies. Even though they have been forgotten or ignored in the urban landscape of big cities, they represent a history that can be learned through walks in European streets.

Migrantour is a European solidarity project whose main goal is to show the richness of cultural diversity present in European cities. Through intercultural walks, guides from the migration community will tell the story of the city and the streets of Copenhagen from a migration perspective.

Migrantour was originally created in 2011 in Italy by the ACRA Foundation in order to promote a different kind of tourism, involving people with a history of migration and living in the area. The idea was to support the integration of citizens of foreign origins where they lived. A powerful initiative that aims to directly involve people with migrant backgrounds in a project that concerns them.

Over the years, Migrantour has developed and is now present in 20 different cities around Europe including : Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Utrecht and more!

Co-created by migrant citizens, Copenhagen Migrantour addresses the multiculturalism of the city. It helps connect people born in Copenhagen, migrants and tourists to each other and to the cities while empowering migrant citizens.